American College of Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care

Clinical Research/Publications

Active participation in the accumulation of data and knowledge is mandatory for ACVECC Residents and Candidates and is high encouraged for all ACVECC Diplomates. By providing the material for evidence based medicine, intensive and systematic research can help expand the field of veterinary Emergency and Critical Care. ACVECC Residents/Candidates must have at least one first authored manuscript accepted for publication in an approved journal before they can obtain approval to sit the Certifying Examination. The manuscript must have been published within the 5 years preceding current credential submission, or accepted for publication. The topic of the article should be relevant to Emergency and/or Critical Care medicine and can be hypothesis-driven research; a prospective or retrospective study; a hypothesis-driven brief clinical communication or pilot study; a review article; or a case report. The list of acceptable journals is maintained on the ACVECC website and are reviewed quarterly. In order for a journal to be added, it must be peer reviewed and have a well-defined review process in place. Manuscripts must be accepted for publication by July 15 of the year that the Candidate intends to sit the Certifying Examination. Residents and Candidates are strongly encouraged to submit manuscripts to journals for publication before November 1 of the year before expected examination as delays in the review process may jeopardize examination approval.