Residency / Fellowship Training Forms and Instructions

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For Trainees Starting New Programs

(due by or before February 1st for programs starting in January; August 1st for programs starting in July )

Registration Form for Residents and Fellows PDF Logo

Calendar of Important Due Dates and Deadlines PDF Logo

2018-2019 Fee Remittance Form

Annual Reports for Current Trainees

Note that annual progress reports for residents starting their programs as of January 2008 are now submitted via the Residency Training Program Database.

For Trainees Submitting Credentials (due January 15, 2019)

2019 Credentials Application Introduction

2019  Credentials Application

2019 List of acceptable journals for Credentials publication

Credentials Application – Recommendation Form  to be completed by 3 specialists with whom you have worked, one of which must be your mentor.

Advisor Agreement for the reactivation of a Candidate (credentialed prior to 2009), whose credentials expired before s/he passed the certifying examination

2018-2019 Fee Remittance Form

Link to National Board of Medical Examiners Multiple Choice Question Writing Manual

For Diplomates Training Residents / Fellows

Calendar of Important Due Dates and Deadlines

Application for a Residency Training Program

Application Addendum for a Residency Training Facility

Certification of an Application for a Residency Training Program

Annual Update of a Residency Training Program

Annual Update Addendum for a Residency Training Facility

Guidelines for Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Facilities describing requirements for training facilities.

Major Changes to ACVECC Residency Training Plan PDF Logo for Diplomates with Residency Training Programs undergoing significant revisions.

Mentor Agreement PDF Logo for Diplomates who plan to serve as resident mentors.


November 2010 Benchmark Instructions

November 2010 Small Animal Benchmark

November 2010 Large Animal Benchmark

May 2011 Small Animal Benchmark

May 2011 Large Animal Benchmark

November 2011 Small Animal Benchmark

November 2011 Equine Benchmark

May 2012 Large Animal Benchmark

May 2012 Small Animal Benchmark

November 2012 Large Animal Benchmark

November 2012 Small Animal Benchmark

May 2013 Large Animal Benchmark

May 2013 Small Animal Benchmark

November 2013 Large Animal Benchmark

November 2013 Small Animal Benchmark

May 2014 Large Animal Benchmark

May 2014 Small Animal Benchmark

November 2014 Large Animal Benchmark

November 2014 Small Animal Benchmark

May 2015 Large Animal Benchmark

May 2015 Small Animal Benchmark

Benchmark Certification Statement

Equine Referral Task Force  (ERTF)

DRAFT – Guidelines for Equine Veterinary Case Referral